Care for the Caregiver

In caring for an aging parent, don’t forget about yourself.
Are you feeling the stress in caring for your elderly mom or dad–or both? What can you do? Who can help you?

Make two lists.
Make a list of the tasks you perform in caring for your parents. Taking them to doctor’s appointments. Helping them bathe. Cleaning the house. Managing their medications. Make a second list of your other responsibilities. Raising your children. Running your home. Working. Be realistic about how your caregiving is affecting your other responsibilities. Are you overloaded?

Have a family discussion.
Show the list you made to your family. See if other family members can share some of the tasks. As a group, you may also decide to seek outside help.

Manoa Senior Care offers a wide variety of home care services. Our support will help relieve some of the responsibilities of care while letting you enjoy quality time with your loved ones.